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Clinical intelligence to power brand growth.

The life sciences market today is a crowded and competitive place. Survival requires a fast response to a constantly evolving competitive landscape. In this market, waiting weeks or months for primary and secondary research data is no longer a viable option.

To make confident, timely decisions that grow your brand, you need a detailed understanding of physician, patient and hospital treatment throughout the entire lifecycle of your brand.

Humedica NorthStar™ | The most complete real-world EHR database for life sciences
The Humedica NorthStar data acquisition model aggregates de-identified Electronic Health Record (EHR) data from providers across the continuum of care.

By leveraging the unique data that come directly from statistically de-identified clinical information in the EHR, you gain unparalleled clinical insights about how physicians are adopting your brand and competitors’ brands. Humedica NorthStar gives you the power to make confident decisions that drive brand growth for population health management.



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