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How does Humedica NorthStar™ help you position your brand and its associated attributes for population health?

The challenge facing pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies is clear: how do you successfully position and message your product and drive in the fast-evolving world of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and population health?

While the challenge is plain, the path forward is anything but clear.

Humedica NorthStar provides the missing component to creating a clear brand and commercial strategy: clinical data. Humedica NorthStar moves beyond transactional databases and anecdotal market research to deliver specific, real-world, de-identified clinical data such as blood chemistry, lab results, height, weight, physician and lab notes that allow you to understand the specific clinical drivers for adoption. The deep clinical data we provide allow brand managers to understand who is adopting your brand at the clinically-specific patient segment, how well those patient types fit the target market for your brand, and what health benefits they have gained by using your products as well as your competitor’s products.

NorthStar market insights are critical throughout the brand and product life cycle. For new products launches, this information is invaluable for identifying positioning and market opportunities. For established products, these clinical insights help evolve brand positioning and messaging over time. For example, Humedica’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) capability can help uncover key themes that can extend the life of your brand. For example, Humedica NorthStar reports on key phrases, terms and concepts captured from physician notes and analyzes how such intelligence impacts perceptions and demand for your brand.

This actionable intelligence allows you to make better commercialization and marketing decisions:

  • Identify market space opportunities for new products
  • Determine the ideal positioning for population health management, by disease or therapeutic area
  • Transition from market entry to long-term product positioning
  • Optimize patient targets based on real-world clinical metrics
  • Create microsegments of physician targets
  • Target physicians based on clinical patient profiles
  • Leverage clinical data to optimize messaging to physicians
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