Measure Comparative Effectiveness

Life Sciences
How does Humedica NorthStar™ help measure comparative effectiveness?

For established life science products and brands, one of the primary challenges to success is understanding effectiveness versus competitors and over time. In this critical area of success, where an in-depth understanding of clinical performance tells the story, Humedica NorthStar provides clear and strong advantages.

Because Humedica NorthStar draws de-identified data directly from the Electronic Health Record (EHR) and includes physician and lab notes, it provides complete, accurate patient population data that can be tracked over time. The clinical insights we provide allow you to measure and compare the improvement of patients’ clinical status, determine how successfully they have met clinical goals and understand the overall effect on quality of life and resources – all based on specific, patient population data.

For existing brands, Humedica NorthStar provides unparalleled insight into therapeutic value:

  • Measure data across the continuum of care
  • Capture disparate data including lab results, vital signs, physician assessments and notes
  • Measure and compare brand effectiveness
  • Provide rapid feedback
  • Allow redeployment before niche paradigm takes hold
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