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How does Humedica NorthStar™ help provide forecasting metrics?

Determining the best road forward for a brand or product requires more than far-reaching assumptions made from generic marketing, demographic and claims data. Rather than basing business decisions on general assumptions about market size, market share and positioning, Humedica NorthStar allows you to make confident decisions using timely, real-world data.

Humedica NorthStar delivers to you rich, patient-level clinical data that includes a wealth of information and clinical insights that others simply cannot match. Because NorthStar utilizes detailed patient data directly from the Electronic Health Record (EHR) — including physician and lab notes — you gain specific insights into how and why your product is prescribed, its performance relative to competition and where gaps and opportunities exist for improvement in population health management. This information is invaluable for establishing achievable goals with confidence.

From this real-world picture of brand performance, you are able to build a more confident forecast based on clinically specific insights:

  • Track and benchmark forecasting trends and goals
  • Inform patient flow modeling
  • Drive portfolio optimization
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