Humedica NorthStar™

Life Sciences
Humedica’s Unique Platform

Humedica NorthStar goes beyond traditional transactional databases and anecdotal market research. Our clinical intelligence platform is designed to offer in-depth insights into clinical drivers of care. By integrating detailed,  de-identified data from multiple clinical and financial systems, life science organizations can unlock data in the EHR in ways never before available.

Humedica NorthStar

Humedica NorthStar at-a-glance:
Clinical intelligence to answer the most important questions about your brand and business.

  • What are clinical outcomes for specific patient segments?
  • How do we identify unmet needs and market opportunities?
  • How do we tailor marketing messages to specific provider groups and patient cohorts?
  • Are we attracting the right patient segments based on our product’s unique clinical profile?
  • How does the clinical profile of patients on our brand compare to those of competitors, both branded and generic?
  • In which patient segments does our brand outperform the competition in terms of clinical outcomes and cost effectiveness?
  • How do we maximize pricing and reimbursement?
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