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Optum One powers you to make confident decisions about your organization’s immediate and long-term future based on real-world clinical intelligence. Optum One Population Analytics moves beyond the limited analyses of claims data to provide the largest, most detailed and most complete real-world view of the patient population by integrating the multiple clinical and financial source systems including Electronic Health Records (EHRs), Practice Management Systems (PMS) and claims systems.

Only Optum Population Analytics powers you to manage risk, reduce costs, ensure best practices and benchmark physician performance confidently with insights that come directly from the Electronic Health Record (EHR) as well as with your claims and administrative applications.

Optum One gives you access to the largest and most complete real-world clinical database and enables you to drill down into this invaluable clinical intelligence with easy-to-use analytical tools. Humedica has built a network of provider organizations treating approximately 40 million patients across 38 states, giving us the ability to draw from multiple EHR systems and access details including medications, lab results, vital signs, physician notes, diagnoses, procedures, demographics, hospitalizations and outpatient visits. Additionally, Humedica uses proprietary natural language processing computing technology to extract critical facts from clinician notes. This gives you insights about individual patient conditions, adverse events, reasons for switching therapy, reimbursement issues, and other important issues that might never otherwise surface from the EHR.

Optum One gives you the power to improve, manage and succeed.

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