Ensure Best Practices

How does Optum One (formerly Humedica MinedShare) help you ensure best practices?

In the past, health care providers have never been able to measure in true clinical terms whether the care they provide to their population is better or worse than that provided by peers, includes gaps or is more or less cost-effective than other protocols.

Optum Population Analytics integrates real-world, longitudinal data directly from the EHRs of your population as well as claims and administrative data, and allows competitive benchmarking from nearly 40 million patients across 38 states.

The result is the ability to drill down into specific practices and find insights that give you a complete, accurate picture of your practices that can be used for program improvement, both at the physician and system-wide level.

Optum Population Analytics helps ensure best practices decisions:

  • Close gaps in care based on true clinical indicators
  • Create dashboards and scorecards for National Quality Measures
  • Benchmark and compare clinical protocols using clinically enriched data

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