Reduce Costs, Improve Outcomes

How does Optum One (formerly Humedica MinedShare®) help you reduce costs while improving outcomes?

As the health care industry at large moves toward to a more value-based framework, providers need to understand all the financial aspects of providing patient care – the resource utilization associated with patient care, which patients are at high risk for hospitalization, if patients are correctly diagnosed, and where opportunities exist for reducing cost.

Because Optum One integrates data from across the continuum of care and from disparate streams — EHR, practice management and claims data — it provides the most valid and holistic picture of patient treatments and risks.

Optum Population Analytics allows providers to dig deeper, for example, by identifying gaps in coding. Errors in coding can result in providers missing out on short-term revenue, but more importantly, it often times results in patients falling through the cracks and ending up with more expensive in-patient care or acceleration of costs than they would have received if they had been properly coded and consistently treated.

Only Optum One provides the real-world, holistic view of cost that allows more confident decision-making.

Optum Population Analytics provides real-world insights that help you make decisions about cost savings:

  • Leverage clinical data to optimize contract negotiations
  • Benchmark and compare cost and resource utilization
  • Identify key areas for cost reduction
  • Measure and benchmark true cost relative to true change in health status

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