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Traditional access to clinical research has clear shortcomings — low participation rates from manual chart data or physician surveys, the incompleteness of claims-based analytics, reporting bias, to name a few. Humedica’s population health database enables a novel approach to clinical research, providing meaningful insights for a wide array of stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem.

Healthcare constituents, including public policy centers, payors, contract research organizations, government, academia and others are benefiting from Humedica’s robust, de-identified clinical data assets to identify variations in care, explore physician practice behaviors or treatment patterns and monitor longitudinal outcomes of any subgroup within the patient population.

Humedica | Customized research built from EHR data
Humedica integrates Electronic Health Record (EHR) data directly from providers across the continuum of care and combines that data with claims, prescription and practice management information to provide the most complete and broad-reaching patient-level, statistically de-identified dataset.

Humedica has built a network of provider organizations treating nearly 30 million patients across 38 states, giving us the ability to integrate data across multiple EHR systems including medications, lab results, vital signs, physician notes, diagnoses, procedures, demographics, hospitalizations and outpatient visits.

By assimilating and then normalizing data from EHR and other IT systems directly from the provider organizations, our research approach offers a number of key advantages:

  • Credible, validated data for analytics
  • Large de-identified samples of both physician and patient denominators
  • Extensive set of variables covering process, cost and patient outcomes measures
  • Retrospective history (3+ years) for longitudinal tracking

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