Expanding Clinical Research Potential

Expanding the range of clinical research

Because Humedica harnesses the full spectrum of clinical attributes, we help partners create research to understand variations in care process and health care costs, compare quality and efficacy of care across health care systems, identify gaps in practice behaviors, and longitudinally track changes in physician performance and patient outcomes.

Health care constituents, including public policy centers, payors, contract research organizations, government, academia and others are benefiting from Humedica’s robust clinical data assets to conduct custom research around specific patient populations. For the first time, this analysis can include a retrospective view of real-world practice patterns and adherence to care standards, followed by prospectively targeting our provider organizations to implement change or supplement research findings with “the why”.

Although every research project is a collaboration between Humedica and our partners, the following are the most frequent kinds of research we support.

Outcomes Measurement Clinical Research Studies
Performance & Quality Improvement Guideline Adherence
Needs Assessment Clinical/Health Outcomes
Comparative Methods Public Policy Research
Patient Segmentation Clinical Trial Feasibility
Performance-Based Reimbursement Protocol Optimization, Attrition Analysis
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